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The Winning
Mind Set
The Psychology of Athletic and Academic Success


Taught by

Kevin Seaman
Spring Semester

What will I learn and how will it help me?

1. Winning is a State of Mind - I ask every athlete and coach this question! In competition, how much is attributed to physical and how much is mental? The answers range from 50/50 to 80% mental and 20% physical. I then ask them, as I now ask you, what are you doing to train your psychological side? 99% of the time they stare at me, searching for an answer. I have the answer! With my help you will discover the winning strategies of some of the world’s greatest athletes and how to apply them to you.

2.Learn the ONE Critical Component to get yourself in the right frame of mind (emotional state) to do what you want and need to do-
Find out how to dramatically change your emotional state in an instant! World class athletes and performers know the secret. Tap into it!

3. Unleash the Power of your mind/body connection with the use of positive anchors - It is through our associations that we develop strengths and fears. Did you know that there are five different forms of anchors or triggers that set off certain responses in us due to our past associations and emotional states? Did you know that you are able to control those responses?

Have you ever been in a state of total excellence in competition or performed at a level where you absolutely astonished yourself?
What if you could duplicate the way you felt at that moment, confident,
unstoppable, razor sharp?!! You can, thousands of high achievers do this regularly with a technique called anchoring.....And, it’s so easy one of my clients who won 15 medals in 3 years at the Empire State Games, showed his seven year old son, who then used it to qualify in swimming for the State Finals.

4. Performance Under Pressure - Everybody experiences some feelings of pressure when performing. It is your self talk , the communication with yourself that dictates the quality of your performance and in extension, the quality of your life. The quality of your life is relative to the quality of your communication with yourself and others. Learn the methods of internal communication techniques that create leaders, champions, and successful entrepreneurs.

5. The Fifth Element is your “Critical Success Factors” According to the experts at Harvard University, there are usually 4-5 critical success factors in everything you do. These are things that you absolutely must do to succeed. If you have a weakness in anyone of these CSF’S, it can diminish your potential in all of your other strong areas. Learn to identify these CSF’S and how to make them work for you. I will teach you to identify these CSF’S and harness their power, turning you into a champion!

6. Improved Concentration and Focus - Whatever we focus on will determine how we feel. Focus is not true reality, it’s one view , one perception of the way things really are. Whatever we focus on therefore becomes our idea of reality. This course will help you develop your focus to crystal clarity.

7. Physiology of Achievement - We have all seen the look of success and the look of failure. However, did you know that your body language influences your belief in yourself and others more than any other form of communication. Every emotion you’ve ever felt has specific physiology linked to it. Just as our mind set controls our emotion, our physiology controls our mind. Just by changing our physiology we can change our level of performance.

8. Performing Edge Visualization -
The ability to visualize your success is a simple, yet effective method of predicting your future. Meaningful achievements begin with a positive vision that we believe in, commit to, and strive to complete with passion. We can learn to step into that vision, applying all our knowledge, our power, and our persistence to turn the vision into reality! Creative visions and persistent actions direct us, energize us, and inspire us to overcome the obstacles necessary to discover our inner greatness and find our performing edge.

9. Goal Setting - Goal setting is an absolutely crucial element for success in the development and achievement of any athlete, or anyone wishing outstanding results in anything! Less than 3% of adult americans have clear, written goals. This course will teach the ultimate strategies used in functional goal setting, and the methods used for goal achievement.

The Objective

If you’re a recreational athlete, a future All American, Olympian, or World Champion, a trainer, a coach, a team leader, future business leader or executive, or just want to improve yourself personally and academically to become a better “you”.

This course is for you! This course brings with it a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help guide athletes of all levels and abilities to achieve outstanding levels of performance. Learn the concepts and principles of the science of personal achievement, taught in this course and you will see and feel a difference. Apply these principles to create the optimal performance mind set, and an unstoppable future, both on and off the playing field.

Classes Meet
Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:30 pm @ Helen Newman Hall Classroom (018-271)
Course Fee: $99. + $20. text

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural
consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals”
-Jim Rohn

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This is What the Students are Saying
This course sure was one of the best time investments I have made in my life. Thanks!
Barbara Zangerl, Ph.D.

One of the best classes I've taken at Cornell!
Robert Miller

Mr. Seaman's abilities are exceptional...I give Mr. Seaman my highest recommendation for working in the field of performance coaching and working with athletes of all ages and skill levels.
Timothy A. Lamey
Exercise Physiologist, Cornell Wellness Program

Great information that every student-athlete should know..I found it especially interesting as a psychology major and gymnast. Mind set and mental preparation play a huge role in gymnastics. I'm recommending this class to my teammates...On a personal note, I had a PERSONAL BEST PERFORMANCE on vault this year, broke the Cornell school record, WON the Ivy League Championships, and received ALL-AMERICAN HONORS at the USAG Collegiate Nationals! ...I was pleasantly surprised that the techniques WORKED!
Rachel Goldberg
Cornell Gymnastics Team Member
2004 All American Gymnast

I have received Kevin’s emails for the past 3 years and the positive benefits I receive from “The Winning Mindset” monthly email newsletter are priceless. When I first signed up to receive the newsletter it was for competition in the Kiteboarding World Cup Tour, to get the competitive mental edge that I believe is crucial to winning. What I have found over the years is that the same principles that help athletes win at the competitions have helped me incredibly with my professional and personal life. For this I am eternally grateful.
You cannot imagine my delight when Kevin offered to visit my kiteboarding school in the Dominican Republic to present a series of The Winning Mindset workshops to the 2005 PKRA World Cup kiteboarding athletes. I was stoked beyond belief; Kevin was like a legend to me!
The even more awesome thing was meeting Kevin, seeing how he actually LIVES the principles that he teaches to his lucky students. Kevin’s positive approach to life is contagious; his way of communicating is engaging and energizing. I left each of his seminars feeling so pumped up, so stoked, so ready to charge in all aspects of my life – it was incredible.
The fantastic feelings of “I can do this, I am going to nail it!” (Whatever IT might be) that Kevin imparted to me have stuck with me. I am so thankful to him for the work he is doing, helping athletes and everyday people to realize their goals and live their dreams!

Laurel Eastman, Professional Kiteboarder-Named PKRA's Top Female Athlete on the 2002 World Tour, owner of Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School in Cabarete, DR

After my meetings with you, I went out and won the 5th regatta of the Dominican Championship. As it stands, I am in the best position to win the Championship when the 6th and last regatta of the series takes place at the end of this month.
I worked hard on positive anchors, and got rid of negative anchors. It is a process but so far has been working really well, and I thank you for the time and experience you shared with me.
Ben-Yam my son, was greatly effected by the session he had with you. Although he did not want to share any details, there is a change in attitude. He is very creative lately with his music, volunteering 8 hours a day in a local summer camp, and seems very happy.
He was not a sad , lazy bum before the meeting with you but, something you said made him "wake up".
Ari Barshi, Olympic Lazer Sailing Competitor,
Dominican Republic National Team


I would highly encourage my friends, students and employees to participate in this class. It has a clear outline and focus on increasing self awareness and responsibility to make the changes necessary to open our path to achievement. Kevin is a very interesting, personable, and engaging instructor. This course has offered some excellent concepts on self development that can be applied to any aspect of your life. I have found a number of great ideas that I believe are going to increase my successes in all aspects of my life. FANTASTIC!
Bert Adams
Fitness Trainer, Cornell Fitness Centers

Kevin Seaman’s course and seminar “The Winning Mind set” is one of the most significant learning experiences I have had in my life. Within any sport, most athletes and coaches will agree that our performance is dependent on our mental state at least as much as our physical state. Despite this commonly accepted fact, we typically do not spend enough time training our minds. The “Winning Mind set” fills this gap in an athlete’s training. I went into the course expecting to learn some quick techniques, but instead I received a much more valuable lesson—it changed my whole paradigm for what is and what isn’t possible.

Too many times we use our powerful minds to create limitations for ourselves. We give ourselves reasons and excuses why we can’t succeed when instead we should be thinking of how we can succeed. By reframing our thinking, we can use our minds to create possibilities instead of limitations. Thus, one important distinction about Kevin Seaman’s course is that it is not just a set of techniques. One can apply the “Winning Mind set” to any aspect of life to become more successful.

It was amazing to see how just playing a certain role over time can transform a person to become that role. Furthermore, I realized that our own limitations are often just learned rather than being true physical limitations. The first step to achieving success is realizing that it is possible—that success is a reproducible process that we have complete control over. The next steps involve learning how to change our mind sets to reach our goals and then proceeding to actually reaching them. I strongly recommend Kevin Seaman’s course because it provides students with everything they need to achieve a winning mind set—from the initial realization that it is possible to the final stage of success.
Michael Donikian
Team Captain, Sport Taekwondo at Cornell (2002-2003)

Thank you very much for my lesson prior to the 2002 Empire State Games competition. The advise and techniques you taught were responsible for my profound success, far above what I thought could be achieved....In one race, I was seeded 7th in my age group. My qualifying time was bettered by 30 seconds (in the 200 meter event) and I ended up in third place.

My 5 medals (3 bronze/2 silver) from those 5 events were a far greater accomplishment than I ever deemed possible. Thanks for your sage advice, and I am forever grateful for your service.|
Dr. Michael C. Kennedy

The Winning Mind Set not only applies to athletes, but to any student who desires to be inspired to achieve. The techniques taught in the class build upon basic life ideas such as FOCUS, COMMITTMENT,AND GOAL SETTING! I guarantee to anyone that after taking this class that they will look at life in a different perspective!
Eric Shulman

The Winning Mind set is a unique opportunity to look at competitive sports from a mental approach. This course has taught me that training and bettering your mental skills are just as important as training and bettering your physical skills. The Winning Mind set is also a very entertaining and interesting course. You learn to see and analyze situations from different perspectives - this can become an added advantage in competitive sports.
Philip Hong

The Winning Mind Set delivered results! I finally put the mental tricks and "maillot jaune" power to use, and won outright my first bike race. Thank you for a great class, maybe I'll see you in the fall. Good luck with your book, I look forward to reading it when it comes out.

Dave Miller

This class works to fill a hole in the educational system of America today. Learning how to live is the absolute most important part of life and this class recognizes that. In my opinion this should be a 5 credit class with two labs a week because that is how important this material is. Anyone who ever wants to be somebody, to be successful, needs to understand the way life works and this class helps to give insight into that subject matter. Life is not easy, you can’t just float around with no purpose or direction and expect to be happy and fulfilled. This class helps students to focus their lives, analyze them, and then gives them some tools to change what they want to change in them. It is my hope that classes like this expand to colleges and educational institutions throughout America. Thank you Mr. Seaman for the hope and empowerment you have given to me and to all your students. Thank you.
Jonathon Grassi

I really enjoyed this class overall. I learned a lot about myself and have gained tools to help me improve myself. The simulations were really cool. I also liked how you asked us questions during class to keep us involved and thinking.
Jennifer Weber

It is true - winning isn't random, winners have a set mind which enable them to win. You want to be a winner? Well, you need a winning mind set.
Joon Huh