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East West Martial Arts


Taught by

Kevin Seaman
Spring Semester

What is Thai Boxing?

The Muay Thai at Cornell University
This system is sometimes referred to as Thai Boxing, known in Thailand as Muay Thai. Developed from the unique culture of Thailand, Muay Thai is a unique blend of art, science and sport. The Thai art is a very powerful ring fighting method, yet is also an excellent form of physical conditioning and self defense. The fighting techniques taught in Thai Boxing include: the sweet science of western boxing , elbow strikes, knee strikes, and the powerful Thai style of kicking. this combined with the unique training method and strong discipline, makes Thai Boxing one of the most effective systems in the world! The system taught at Cornell University is the form taught to Kevin Seaman by Master Surachai Sirisute, President of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA and known by many as the father of Thai Boxing in the United States. The Thai Boxing Association USA is over 30,000 strong with branches in most states throughout the United States.

Kevin Seaman earned his KRU or instructor level certification and was appointed as New York State representative for the TBA in 1988. To date, 23 instructors have been certified from the East West Academy Cortland Branch (two from Cornell) to help spread and promote the art of Thai Boxing throughout the northeast. The discipline of the Cortland Branch staff and students earned them the honor of the #1 Thai Boxing Association USA school in the country for 1998. KRU Seaman has taught Thai Boxing to and trained State, Regional and International Champions and competitors in the USMTA, IKBA and UFC.

Bartels Hall Gym

Wednesday 12:30-2:00pm

COURSE FEE: $99.00+ $20.00 Equipment Fee (collected in class by the instructor)

What Will I Learn?

1. Thai Boxing Technique - One of the keys to being excellent at anything is a complete understanding of what you are doing, how to do it best and why you are doing it a specific way. The instructors at East West Martial Arts have all been tested and certified personally by the President and founder of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA, Master Surachai Sirisute. You will be guided through the essential aspects of the sport as we help you to find the peak of your personal potential. These are the qualities that make Thai Boxing the choice striking system for the all the top champions in the UFC, K-1 and all high level Professional Martial Athletes!

The Knowledge of How and Where to Strike your Attacker - The truly amazing aspect of Thai Boxing is how quickly one is able to disable. Thai fighters are known for the crippling power of their leg kicks. A single, properly placed kick or knee strike to the nerve in your leg is so devastating, it can put even the largest opponent to the ground. This makes Thai Boxing excellent for self defense. If an attacker can’t get up, he certainly can’t chase you, and will have difficulty getting away leaving the scene of the crime. Flashy kicks to the head look great, but rarely work on the street. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t .

Strength and Conditioning - A quick assessment of any ring competitor brings you to the conclusion that they are in great physical condition. Although you may have no intention of fighting in the ring, through a structured program, you can develop the amazing speed, strength, power and conditioning of a Thai Boxer.

Unleash the Explosive Power of a Thai Fighter - You will learn the secret to using your full body weight and the application of torque to multiply the power of your strikes. Learn the ways the experts in the Thai martial arts use their bodies “natural weapons” with devastating results. We will practice some of the most effective techniques over and over, until they are delivered with explosive power and are second nature.

Training in Combination - Have you ever seen the blinding speed of a boxer delivering a combination on an overwhelmed opponent? The delivery of a smooth, powerful combination of kicks, knees and punches is used to help the student of Thai Boxing develop continuity and flow.

Equipment Training - The Thai training method is similar to boxing in that we use equipment to develop ourselves. Thai kicking pads, boxing focus mitts, and the heavy bag all play an important role in developing the student through a realistic application of full contact equipment training.

Strength Through Discipline - Students of Thai Boxing will see great improvement and effectiveness in a very short time. The reason we focus on the aspect of discipline is to complete the circle of the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit. This is essential to the personal development of the student of Thai Boxing.

Kevin Seaman with his Thai Boxing instructor, Ajarn Surachai Sirisute

This is What the Students are Saying

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with one of the BEST instructors I have ever met. Kevin's knowledge, enthusiasm, overall passion for what he teaches and truly believes in is evident. I highly recommend this class for anyone looking to challenge themselves physically and mentally.
Jason Bond
(former New York State diving champion)

I would highly recommend Thai Boxing. It’s a great workout. I felt like a million dollars for the rest of the day after a class. I also learned valuable skills for self-defense and gained and appreciation for this discipline and Thai culture. it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!
Susan McGuerty

This class was always exciting to attend. The instructor was very enthusiastic, always prepared and knowledgeable about the subject. I always knew I would have a good time in class and that it would be a great way to tunnel my aggression and relieve some stress!
Nathalie Farsie

This course was absolutely excellent. I felt that I was exposed to a good base of knowledge about not only the sport but Thai culture as well. I looked forward to coming to class each week because of Kevin’s enthusiasm for the sport and teaching.
Philip Johnson

Kevin is an amazing teacher, and capable of teaching all students at their own level. Great class!
Jessica Skrebes

This class has been absolutely amazing. I have learned a lot - both in Thai boxing and basic self-defense. The workout is also really great and very effective. Leaving the class I always feel a sense of empowerment and strength. Taking this class has been the best part of my semester and I would love to do it again!
Melinda Hung

This course was energizing, and I feel like I have a better understanding of Thai Boxing as well as self-defense.
Nathan Barnhart

I had a great time with this course. I wish we had gotten to do more rounds. It would be nice if a continuation of this class was offered next semester.
Kristen Casper

Excellent course. I really enjoyed learning the basic moves in kickboxing. However, I would definitely have to recommend an intermediate level class that includes sparring.
Julian Asauo

This is a great course for people who have gotten sick of “kickboxing” fitness classes and want to do something more real and more intense.
Leah Laben

This class was great. I really enjoyed learning and fighting. The course really gives you a different outlook on self-defense, conditioning, and life as a whole.
Andrew Lytwynec

This class has really generated self-interest in martial arts as well as boxing. It is a completely different form of conditioning than I was used to and it compelled me to practice such techniques on my own time. I even bought my own boxing gloves to use in my personal time. I think this was a great way to combine two completely different fighting styles and helped increase my flexibility and focus in training.
Jeff Allen

Not only was this course a great workout, but it allowed me to learn basic self-defense and a unique martial art. after taking this course I feel more physically confident.
Genevieve Patton

More than anything else, this course gave me a certain self-confidence when I walk down the street. I feel a bounce in my step and I also feel more energized. And I enjoyed learning about boxing, something I’ve never seriously thought about before.
Linda Gao