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East West Martial Arts



Taught by

Kevin Seaman
Spring Semester

What will I learn and how will it help me?

7 Essential Skills of Practical Self Defense and Personal Safety

1. Environmental Awareness - One of the keys to prevention is understanding the character of the environment your in, and how it can affect you and your safety. You will learn methods to secure your own environment and how you may be able to utilize your surroundings to your advantage in a self defense situation. Learn to identify a potentially dangerous scenario and how to possibly avoid it.

2. Assessing A Predator - Quick assessment of a potential attacker and recognizing level of the attackers state of mind is crucial to your survival and will also determine your legal rights for “use of force” .

3. The Knowledge Of How And Where to Strike Your Attacker - Self Defense is not about fighting, practical self defense is about disabling your attacker for one reason and one reason only: Your escape and survival! You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

4. Experiencing Performance Under Pressure
- Learn the methods of internal communication that could save your life. Your self talk could be the essential element that saves your life. We have all seen the look of fear, failure, confidence, and success in a person. Confidence is a look, and it is your physiology, more than anything else that determines how a predator looks at you. In fact, did you know that your physiology influences your belief in yourself and others more than any other form of communication. The last thing most predators want is an alert, self confident, empowered victim. Learn how to project confidence, even when your afraid.

5. Unleash Explosive Power On Your Attacker - The secret to using your full body weight and the application of torque to multiply the power of your defense. Learn the ways the experts in the martial arts use their bodies “natural weapons” with devastating results. We will practice some of the most effective techniques until they are second nature.

6. Down, But Not Done - What would you do if you were tackled or knocked to the ground? What if the attacker continues to assault you from a standing position? ...or jumps on top of you and strikes you repeatedly? The reality is most people don’t know how to defend themselves from the ground, yet often this is where you may end up. This course will teach you how do defend yourself from the ground.

7. What To Do After I am Attacked Or Witness A Violent Crime - What steps you can take to help yourself recover physically and emotionally if you are attacked. Learn also, how to aid in the capture of the person guilty of an assault or other violent crime on yourself or others. Most criminals are brought to justice by an accurate description and profile by the victim or other witnesses.

The Class Objective

The ability to defend oneself and the strength and confidence that are developed with it, are not mysterious secrets that take years to learn and apply. They are learned through a progressive training program that when properly followed develops the individual’s ability to defend themselves, increases awareness, as well as strength and self confidence.
Using modern training equipment and up-to-date teaching methods, Kevin Seaman; world renowned martial artist and authority on personal safety, will guide you to become more prepared to survive the violence of a modern world. The class provides the opportunity to learn a system of practical, proven self defense techniques, and educate the individual in the strategies of personal safety and awareness. This system is a composite based on over 30 years experience, including powerful street self defense, unarmed weapons defense, defense from the ground, abduction resistance, effective use of your environment, and defense tools found in our everyday world. Don’t be a helpless victim of a violent attack. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.

" It is my educated opinion through over 35 years of serious martial arts training that I can teach anyone to defend themselves effectively if they follow the steps I outline and practice the simple, effective techniques I teach. I don't believe anyone has the right to infringe upon or threaten your safety or happiness, and I will show you how to protect that"
-Sifu Kevin Seaman

Bartel's Gym

Classes Meet
Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-4:15 pm @ Bartel's Gym(442-607)

COURSE FEE: $99.00

This is What the Students are Saying

This class is amazing. The techniques we learned are perfect for defending yourself in the real world! This class is a combination of many forms of martial arts, except only the useful ones for the real world were taught to us.
Daniel Macaya

This class was excellent. There are so many simple, yet effective techniques that one can do, but doesn't know, to be safe in the real world.
Alan Ng

This is a wonderful class that opened my eyes both to the dangers of the world and how to avoid/ escape them. It taught me to be more aware of myself and my surroundings. In a way, it made me more fearful because I now know dangers, but I feel confident because I now know ways to protect myself. The class integrates both physical and mental, which is good. You really work on techniques to use and learn how variable they are. For example, if you can’t knee the groin you can knee something else. It is a great worthwhile class.

I thought our class size was optimal. I thought the skills you taught us were very useful and you had a lot of patience for beginners which was really good. I had a lot of fun and I’m very glad I took the class. Stories were good. Nice to keep everything in perspective and increase our personal awareness.
Carley Gomes

I really enjoyed taking self defense and personal safety in the modern world. It taught me basic self defense moves that every person should know.
Christine Sun

I found that after learning some very basic techniques I felt considerably more comfortable in situations, especially when out with friends at night. The anecdotes and the instruction really made a difference in how I perceive and assess my surroundings.
Elizabeth Levy

I enjoyed the course a lot and recommend it to anyone. You learn a lot about practical defense techniques that work. You will be amazed at the power you can generate with your body and the variety of options you have in defending yourself.
Austin Partel

Kevin Seaman is a qualified instructor- he teaches useful techniques and explains them well, while making the class fun.
Ariel Demas

I found this a helpful self defense course because the techniques that were taught were simple but both practical and useful. The emphasis of teaching skills for all types of people, rather than giving advantage to particular physical types was a positive aspect of the course.
Mathanki Kalapathy

This course and the techniques it teaches are a must have for anyone who is ever in a position of possible danger. This means pretty much anyone. Not only did I learn a lot of skills that I can use if I’m ever attacked, but I also learned about when to use them and when not to. I also learned about how to help avoid situations like that. All in all, I left the class more aware of the world around me, and better able to face my fears.
Amanda Robinson

I really enjoyed the class! I feel I’ve learned many useful skills! Thanks for the great semester
Roxanne Beinart

This class definitely inspires me to take more self defense/ martial arts courses! I’m sure that the skills I’ve learned here will come in handy, even if it is just to get away from my big sister! On a more serious note, I will have greater sense of self-awareness when I am doing field work.
Andrea Townsend

I would definitely recommend taking the course if you’re interested in self-defense. I learned a lot of practical and easy moves that have given me the confidence and knowledge I’d need in a situation that required me to defend myself. The instructor was enthusiastic and very focused on safety. He’s also patient and organized.

Lot’s of fun! the techniques I learned helped build my confidence in potentially dangerous situations.
Jennine Crucet

I got a lot more out of the course than I expected. Initially I just thought I would be taught how to fight back, but in the end I learned not just how, but when to fight back. I also enjoyed the stories a lot, they made good points and were interesting.
Michael Weinstein

A well rounded course in practical self-defense.I would highly recommend this course to anyone. We live in a scary world and I felt this class made me more aware of some of the scary aspects that are sometimes overlooked. There are simple things we don’t think about such as getting a lock changed when moving into a new apartment. I feel more prepared and more confident when walking around a scary area because I know I have the potential to protect myself if threatened. I felt the review aspect of the course helped a lot and I felt like all the material and skills were presented in such a way that it was easily understood and executed. Thank you very much for giving me this experience.
Jessica Eng

I enjoyed this course immensely. It taught me easy to use, easy to learn techniques and gave me the instruction, skills and know-how to apply them with confidence.
Heather O’Neil

This course was very informative, fun, physical and practical we not only learned physical techniques to protect ourselves but also learned about various things we should be aware of to keep ourselves safe. The instructor was patient and enthusiastic about the learning process.
Kevin Hong

I definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in martial arts, looking for applications of what you’ve learned. I was able to apply many techniques that I learned in boxing. Also I got a nice glimpse of what other martial arts have to apply to practical self-defense
Josh Herteberg