The Filipino Martial Arts Kali/Escrima

This is an eclectic form of Filipino stick fighting, bladed combat and self defense that evolved as a means of preservation in the hostile environment of the Jungles of the Philippines. Having roots in the 9th century, this is one martial art that truly equalizes your chances of survival in even the most dangerous circumstances, yet is also an amazing method of increasing your coordination and fitness, keeping both your mind and your body SHARP! Kali addresses empty hand and kicking, grappling, and tools of the jungle warrior. Kevin Seaman has studied with many of the leading exponents of this amazing Martial Art for nearly 30 years now. His skill in this art made him a regional, National and World Champion, competing Full Contact in the Orient in 1992. Kevin began his training in The Filipino Martial Arts in 1976 and has had several instructors, including Tuhon Dan Inosanto, one of the world's leading authorities on The Filipino Martial Arts. Kevin was certified by Guro Inosanto in 1985. Short Video on Kali Intro

Guro Dan Inosanto

Time Offered:
Tuesday/Thursday 1:05-1:50PM
@ Ramen Room (Green Room) in Bartel's
Course Fee: $99.00 + $30. for Fire Hardened Rattan Kali Sticks




This Is What Students Are Saying

This is definately one of the BEST courses I've taken at Cornell!
John Riker

Based on my experience teaching at the college level (for 20 years) and practicing martial arts (for 25 years), Kevin is an absolutely excellent martial arts and fitness instructor. I have taken three Cornell courses with him, as well as some individual training, and have enjoyed and learned a huge amount from each experience. Kevin’s knowledge of various martial arts is remarkably broad and deep, and he is able to impart that knowledge clearly and effectively.

Kevin conducts class in a way that is serious but not intimidating, and he creates a relaxed but structured environment that is very conducive to learning. He motivates students and sincerely attempts to connect with each one. He cares about good technique and steps in to personally demonstrate technique, while at the same time always providing a clear explanation for why the technique is effective, and being very open to questions and other viewpoints. I highly recommend Kevin’s courses or personal training to anyone who is wants to learn a phenomenal amount from a talented, dedicated instructor.

Mark W. Nelson, PhD, CPA
Eleanora and George Landew Professor of Management
and Professor of Accounting

Johnson Graduate School of Management

I train with Mr. Seaman regularly during Cornell's school year. His training techniques are undoubtedly solid in terms of both the physical and mental spectrum. His methodology develops a deep understanding of specific movement, and in a way that the student is reminded of the bigger picture. Moreover, his training fosters a willingness to learn, and most importantly, improve toward one's true potential. This personal empowerment is where the true power lies--transcending kinesthetics and affecting positive character development.
Mark Schrader
COE Business Manager, Cornell University