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East West Martial Arts


Taught by

Coach Kevin Seaman
Spring Semester


One of the oldest forms of competition known, boxing has increasingly become the sport of choice for many people. Boxing’s simplistic method has few techniques, yet the application of these techniques is the true art and science of this popular sport.
Kevin Seaman has over 30 years of experience in boxing as a participant, co
ach and trainer, Mr. Seaman has coached numerous fighters and thousands of individuals through the years. His proven training methods are sure to improve and develop your cardiovascular endurance, footwork, agility, speed, timing and power. Learn the fundamentals of one of the world’s most popular sports: Boxing!

Bartels Hall Gym

This semester I have added an afternoon class and a Wednesday one day a week 1 1/2 hr boxing class!

Wed 9:00- 10:30 am (one day a week)
Tues/Thur 9:00 - 9:45 am
Tues/Thurs 10:15 - 11:00 am
Tues/Thurs 2:30 - 3:15 pm

COURSE FEE: $99.00+
There is a $20.00 additional personal equipment
fee collected in class by the instructor.

You'll LOVE this class!


This is an extension class for the student who has had some previous Boxing experience.

Requirements are at least one semester of boxing basics as a pre-requisite. The student must have proof of a recent physical performed by a physician in order to participate fully in the class (in order to spar w/ controlled contact). The instructor will lead the students thru the Boxing training program at a brisk pace covering the essential skills of defensive shielding, counter punching, Boxing combinations on an intermediate level, the various aspects of sparring and the Boxing conditioning method. Sparring with controlled contact contact is not required to participate in the Intermediate Section, it is up to the individual.

Bartels Hall Gym

Tues/Thurs 11:30 - 12:15 pm

COURSE FEE: $99.00+
There is a $20.00 additional personal equipment
fee collected in class by the instructor if needed.

This is What the Students are Saying

Boxing was awesome. It got me in great shape during the fall. It gave me a great knowledge base for the sport. I’ll definitely look to taking more courses in boxing and definitely with Coach Seaman to the future.
Eric Horowitz

This class was not just another PE class needed for requirement, or at least it never felt that way. Every week I am eager to get in there and learn new skills and combination. The instructor is thorough and very professional and easily understood as well. Not only does your body quickly get whipped into shape but also your mind sharpens to apply the combinations. This is a full body challenge and an awesome way to build confidence and work with a highly impressive staff member. It’s an overall 10, plus you get to punch things! It’s perfect for stress-relief even for girls.
Venessa Schmidt

Boxing has been a great way to stay in shape and learn a means of self defense. The discipline taught has a great application to life and academics. The instructor is a superb-friendly and knowledgeable.
John Schawb

Excellent, enjoyable class. Terrific workout. Something I hope to continue to pursue. I appreciated the focus on form rather then power. I especially enjoyed the circuit training.
John Johnson

I loved the class, not only as a way to learn important skills and techniques, but as a great workout. I’m going to take as many boxing classes with Kevin as I can.
Gabe Piccoli

Overall the class was treat. It was fun and interesting to learn new fighting techniques and to develop balance and coordination. I have been studying martial arts for the past six years and I have grown used to intense and rigorous workouts. However, this class has many times left me fatigued and in a sweat in less than a hour, which proves how good it is. the instructor is great. He is very enthusiastic and carefully as well as thoroughly goes over every exercise until each student has it down packed. He kept the class energized and was fun to work with. I recommend this class for anyone who is interested in boxing or just wants to get a decent workout.
Christian Roman

Boxing is an excellent course where you gain a great deal of self-awareness and boxing techniques. Though its strenuous, you always come out feeling better, and its just a nice break from Chemistry and Lit.
James Lin

I hope this class is around for a long time, I have to say I enjoyed it immensely.
Joseph Angeles

Sifu’s courses and instruction are some of the highlights of the CU PE program offerings. I always look forward to his classes and never miss it if I can. His knowledge, instruction and concern for his students is simply outstanding. His courses offer a supportive environment for all people, and he can motivate and teach you to excel (and a greatworkout too!)
Hua-shuh Hsiung

The course was great. I hope to take the intermediate course next year.
Brian Scheets

Awesome class! Very fun and interesting as well as physically challenging. I never wanted class to end.
Aaron Franklin

The class was awesome! Thanx!
David Guo

This class in not only practical for self-defense reasons, but incredible in its fulfillment. The workout is hard, the instructor is patient and overall we had fun.
Ben McKelvey

Awesome course, loved it, good cardiovascular workout.
Robert Miller

Not only did I learn basic boxing and self defense skills, I was comfortable taking risks and doing things wrong because Mr. Seaman was so willing to help and made the class a comfortable environment.
Lauren Isaac

Not only did I learn the fundamentals of Western boxing, but I also learned about dedication and devotion.
Brian Sanders

I enjoyed the class. It greatly exceeded my expectations and I would take the next course. I could recommend it to anyone.
Max Bushell